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National Careers Week

The Power of Programming

March 6, 2024
11:00 am

Understand the importance of a Technical Program Manager at Amazon Web Services. You'll get closer than ever to understanding what the role involves, along with career prospects and pathways.

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Specialist Solution Architect

Solutions architects are problem solvers, how recognise the importance of bridging the gap between technological solutions and business needs. The use their knowledge of technology and systems to ensure everything fits together seamlessly, and that businesses have the solutions they need to overcome challenges. In this online class chat, you'll unveil tech career secrets and insights from Solutions Architects at Amazon. You'll be able to ask questions about careers, and discover more how solution architecture solves key issues for businesses

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Half term week

Software Development

Wanted to ask Alexa more about careers? Ever wondered how Alexa actually works? None of it would be possible without software development - the creative process where innovation meets ingenuity through coding, testing, and design. Dive into Alexa innovation with first-hand insight from an Amazon Software Developer. Discover career paths and insights in this dynamic class chat.

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Half term week

Building Apps

Solutions architect builders are responsible for designing and creating solutions to technological challenges. They come up with solutions and oversee how they're put into practice, and they bridge the gap between business objectives and technical execution. Explore how Solutions Architect Builders at Amazon Web Services come up with innovative ways of overcoming challenges. In this online class chat, you'll gain an insight into the variety of tech careers available, along with an overview of sustainable cloud practices and sustainable solutions in web services.

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Tomorrow's Engineers Week

Streamlining DevOps

Amazon Web Services is one of the world's most comprehensive and widely-used cloud platforms. Known for giving businesses the tools they need to succeed in the digital world, AWS is a critical tool that shapes business performance and capability. Discover DevOps excellence and streamlining with an AWS Consultant. Gain career insights and understand industry trends in this impactful online class chat that'll show what's involved in DevOps.

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Tomorrow's Engineers

Coordinating the Cloud

Understand how cloud architects work with some of the biggest companies in the world architecting systems using AWS technologies. In this class chat, uncover more about the purpose of the role and its core function.

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Winter half term

Providing Solutions

See how Solution Architects provide solutions to key tech problems for businesses. Gain an understanding of the industry and career insights in this edition of class chats.

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2024 kick off

Software Development and Prime

See how Software Development focuses on developing areas such as Prime in this Class Chat. You'll find out more about the role, its responsibilities, and possible pathways.

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National Apprenticeship Week

Migrating to the Cloud

Tap into how the cloud works to provide seamless solutions for businesses on a global scale. In this class chat, hear from a MAP Enablement Program Manager who'll explore more about this area and the careers available.

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National Apprenticeship Week

Securing Services

Understand the importance of security in the industry in this class chat with a Senior CIA Consultant. You'll find out more about the role, career prospects, and what's involved.

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On-demand Class Chat

Recognising cloud-based solutions

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Learn how companies use the cloud to run some of the world's biggest apps? Hear from Natasha White, Cloud and Container Specialist at Amazon, who’ll help you understand how to turn complex scaling problems into simple solutions via the cloud.

On-demand Class Chat

Validating AI knowledge

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Interested in the power of AI? Hear from David Golding, Software Engineer at Amazon, who’ll show you how to refine AI systems to provide intelligent responses.

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Co-ordinating a video shoot

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Interested in working in the world of TV & Film? Hear from Alafiyah Rehmanji, Broadcast Apprentice and Louise Russell, Broadcast Production Assistant Apprentice, at Amazon, who’ll take you through what’s involved in co-ordinating a video shoot.